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I won't bore you with clichés like "trusted advisory capacity" and "ongoing process optimization." Or confuse you with cryptic agency babble like "ideation of scalable revenue-drivers."

What we do in my company is help organizations resolve real issues in marketing, sales and business intelligence. Those problems may originate at the business strategy/process layer, may be due to systems or technology, or may be rooted in data challenges. Likely, it’s a combination of all three.


That’s where we come in

We help investigate the root cause of issues and/or help transform the business to resolve them.

Our primary focus areas are in marketing, sales and business intelligence and our clients are primarily enterprise organizations. But we also help emerging businesses looking to make the push into the next cycle of rapid growth and have experience in ERP, Data Warehousing and other related areas.

When you retain our services short- or long-term, you’re getting significant experience, not a new employee who just completed grad school and works only within pre-built PowerPoint templates. As the founder, I'm involved in every single project we take on so you’re getting our A-team, every time.

For a full list of services, visit this page. Check out my bio and connect with me on LinkedIn below. 


Ryan Teeples

Founder & President, Teeples Consulting


Our founder


Ryan teeples

Ryan founded Teeples Consulting in 2007 after years as a marketing and technology executive. Ryan and team have worked worldwide with company leadership, ownership groups, and boards of dozens of well-known enterprises across multiple industries (see logos below) to identify and resolve critical business issues to drive revenue and enable scalable growth.

With unmatched expertise and thought-leadership in sales, marketing and business intelligence, the team has led or participated in over 100 investigations and implementations of new processes, systems or technology replacements enabling enterprise business transformation and scale.

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