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A different kind of consulting & advising

We help business improve process and technology to drive better customer experiences and lifetime value.

anti-consultant consultants

People like us because we're not like other consultants. We don't just tell you what your problems are. We work with your team to collaboratively devise and implement solutions at the business, data and technology layers.

We Feel Your Pain

Every one of our employees has been where you are, so we think like you do. We work as a member of your team to understand your challenges and assist you in overcoming them.

about the company

Teeples Consulting has been helping companies in various stages of growth since 2007. I founded the firm with a focus on helping companies bridge the gaps between strategy, business process, data and technology. Since then, we've helped in dozens of successful transformations across industries. From advising and acquisition to business and technology transformation, through customer retention and Lifetime Value, we can help.

Let us work as a part of your team to solve those problems, fix the data and technologies and implement those best-practices that require a little outside boost.


Ryan Teeples




  • Due Diligence and New Acquisition

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Business Intelligence, KPIs and Performance Management

  • CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Sales and Marketing Process and Technology

  • System Architecture

  • IT Transformation & CTO outsourcing

  • Data Strategy and Architecture

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