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Sales, Marketing and Business Process/Technology Improvement

The line between marketing and sales and the technologies they use continues to get blurrier. Unfortunately, many businesses still struggle to get sales and marketing on the same page to drive revenue growth.

For a company to really find scalable growth, marketing and sales strategy must me enabled by smart process and technology. Often, marketing and sales performance issues are actually process issues. And issues with technology hinder success and are often likewise rooted in poor process design.

We help bring it all together. Marketing and Sales strategy should lead to well-designed processes that are clearly documented and drive clear business goals and KPIs. Those processes are then enabled by data and technology. The end result is a high-level of marketing and sales performance that's measured and tracked. 

Let us help with:

  • Customer journey design and execution

  • Forecasting and pipeline

  • Funnel management

  • Establishment of KPIs and benchmarking

  • CRM and related technology

  • Lead scoring and distribution

  • Customer engagement and up/cross-selling

  • Churn management and customer retention

  • Marketing Automation

  • Content Management systems

  • Testing and Optimization

  • Web analytics and audience management

  • Call center operations process and technology

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